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Chrysler GPS Navigation Discs

The following discs will work for all Chrysler vehicles equipped with a DVD Navigation System EXCEPT for the Chrysler Crossfire.  Please see your dealership for Crossfire GPS Navigation Discs.    If you have a 2005 or older vehicle, please make sure that you do no need an RB4 CD set instead of these DVD's.   Most 2005 or older Dodge vehicles require CD's instead of DVDs. 

step1.jpg  Below  is a list of models and  model years. Please select the model and model year-range that directions.jpgcorresponds to your vehicle. 

step2.jpgOnce you have selected your model and model year-range you will see a wide variety of navigation discs that will work for you.  Any of the discs on the corresponding page will work for your vehicle.  For example, if your model  year is 2007 and you are simply trying to replace a missing or damaged disc, you can save some money by purchasing an older disc - like a 2005, 2006, or 2007. If you already have a disc, and want to update your map information  you should purchase a disc that is newer than your current model year. In our example, your choice should be a 2008 , 2009, 2010 , 2011 or newer disc.