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Invision headrest dvd player troubleshooting

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Having trouble getting your Invision headphones to work?   Here are some easy tips: 

* Please make sure that you try both channels on the headphone (there is a Channel switch on the side of the headphone) .  If you have two headrest DVD players, each one will be transmitting on a different channel. So, make sure you try BOTH channels.  Of course, you also need to make sure you are sitting behind the DVD player you want to listen to. Which leads me to the next tip.... 

* Please make sure that users of the headphones are sitting in the rear seat of the vehicle with a clear line-of-sight to the DVD player. For security reasons, the headphones will not work in the front seat, or while outside of the vehicle.

* Please check to see that the batteries in the headphones are inserted properly, and that they are charged. Using poor quality super-market brand batteries may not have enough juice to power a headphone. These batteries are great for DVD remotes and flashlights, but not for electronics.

* Please make sure the headphones are being worn properly - there is an IR receiver on the headphone to receive the signal from the DVD player. If this receiver is on the wrong side of the head, it will not have a clear line-of-sight to the transmitter, causing audio issues. Each side of the headphone has a letter to guide the wearer: "L" for left and "R" for right.

* Please check that the volume on your DVD player (and on the headphones) is not turned all the way down.

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